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who’s Winnovate?

Winnovate is an innovation coaching and workshop facilitator that aims to enable individuals and organizations with the tools and methodologies that are required to give structure to innovation initiatives.

Using a unique blend of tools such as Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation, we provide you with the skills needed to enhance the success of innovation and grow your “Confidence to Innovate”.


why Winnovate?

Winnovate was founded in the recognition that, to thrive in the Digital Age we find ourselves in, innovation is paramount. But innovation tends to be hard and getting innovation right the first time is rare. Using the right practices throughout the organization can drastically improve the success-rate of innovation initiatives.

At Winnovate, we empower individuals and organizations to collaborate and transform real-life challenges into opportunities through disruptive innovation methodologies. To know how? Get in touch with us here

why Winnovate?

how to Winnovate?

Our service catalogue is divided into five categories: Winnovate for People, Winnovate for Products & Services, Winnovate for The Intelligent Enterprise, Winnovate for Platform, Winnovate for Program Management.

All our services are based on our four core programs, vary in complexity and are customizable to suit your business needs: Winnovate Spark, Winnovate Drive, Winnovate Shift, Winnovate Win.

Get in touch with us here and we help you identifying the right Winnovate service for your needs.

how to Winnovate?

now? Winnovate with us!

Nothing predicts success better than passion. At Winnovate, we are determined to, and extremely passionate about, challenging existing ways of innovative thinking based on a variety of methodologies.

Winnovate is for those who want to inspire change for growth, smash prohibitive thinking and disrupt for the sake of good. To know how? Get in touch with us here

now? Winnovate with us!


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