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Middle East Organizations Rank Closing Skills Gap as Top Business Priority

In the Digital Economy, where the only certainty is change, the one source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge. While companies are looking to keep pace with their competition, 64 percent of respondents to a recent IDT survey say they do not have the personnel with the skills necessary for digital transformation. Skills and knowledge are more important than ever and have become powerful assets for success.

Winnovate was born from a desire to fuel a movement of impactful innovation. It is a catalyst for enquiring minds that are open to ground-breaking thinking methodologies. The initiative offers collaborative learning opportunities and engaging programs based on various innovation methods and supports individuals and organizations alike.

The World Economic Forum highlights that 40 percent of regional employers cite the skills mismatch as holding back business growth. By 2020, one in five core skills will be different in GCC, and complex problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills are viewed as the Top 5 skills most needed.

The Middle East and North Africa needs to close the skills gap by enabling change ambassadors with a framework for structured innovation based on empathy. We believe there is not one holy grail of innovation, and that the right and unique blend of various methodologies will drastically improve the success of one’s innovation journey. As emerging digital trends such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and the Internet of Things are already making an impact, now is the time for Winnovate to build an active community of innovation leaders.

Winnovate empowers participants with a variety of tools and methodologies, that give the confidence to innovate. The programs are deeply rooted in Design Thinking, but augmented with other tools and methods such as Business Model Innovation or Lean Startup. Showing the benefits, Design Thinking for instance can more than double ROI, according to the Design Management Institute.

Watch winnovate launch at GITEX 2017 here!

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