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Re-designing the future of education

Creativity is the process of having ideas that are of value – Sir Ken Robinson

Winnovate partnered with Zayed University and offered a 1-day Design Thinking Crash Course on November 14th. Thirty-one students pursuing their final year in Enterprise Information Systems and Business Networks got a hands-on experience on using Design Thinking for innovation and creativity.

Design Thinking teaches some key skills for our future creative leaders, namely our students. Rooted in experimentation, collaboration and empathy – students got a classic tool to convert their creative energy into solving problems that are meaningful to our society. That is the reason, winnovate is keen on bringing the innovation mindset closer to the students in the region. As one student said: "The Design Thinking Crash course was one of the best off-campus program I have ever attended”.

Students got a first impression on how to use tools like empathy, synthesis, brainstorming and prototyping to re-imagine the future of education. Their prototypes varied from RFID enabled auto-checking into campuses, to digitizing administrative paper work with mobile apps and prototypes for collaborative learning and support in campuses. Administration, digitized campus life and a learning-centric curriculum are real problems today in many of our universities, despite having the technology to pivot to the desirable future that these students envisioned. 

Here at winnovate, we are excited to trigger more of such systemic thinking and inspire creativity with young innovators. If you are curious to know how you can benefit from our programs, get in touch!

Zayed University students attending design thinking crash course with winnovate!

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