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design thinking

Design Thinking is a process of creative problem solving. Design thinking utilizes elements like empathy and testing to drive innovative solutions. It is an empowering methodology that can be applied to many scenarios requiring creative resolutions.

Winnovate's programs are deeply rooted in Design Thinking but augmented with other tools and methods such as: Business Model Innovation©, Positive Psychology, Lean Startup, Agile, and Blue Ocean Strategy.

design thinking

what makes design thinking great?

Design Thinking deliberately disrupts the state of complacency and forces us to rethink everyday habits. It relies on collaborative voices for greater ideas. Central to its effectiveness is its understanding of people’s needs: empathy. And then there are the prototype and test phases – which will determine how true the other phases have been.

what is it about?

It’s about collaboration, it’s about creativity, it’s about problem solving and refining purpose. Design Thinking is an extremely powerful process that drives innovation. Through its steps, we abandon conventional thought and allow a freedom of thinking that is explosive.

who benefits?

Everyone does. Learning to apply Design Thinking is a skill that is highly transferable. From shifting things within your organization to improving your personal relationships, Design Thinking is shaking up life as we know it.


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