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Winnovate Virtual Innovation Bootcamp - Design Thinking & Business Model Innovation

Unlock your creative powers with Winnovate's Virtual Innovation Bootcamp!

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The virtual Innovation Bootcamp is a hands-on experiential workshop structured to help individual participants quickly improve their innovative thinking while immersing themselves in activities that will help them practice new innovation skills based on real life opportunities. 

We empower you to effectively use Design Thinking, augmented with Business Model Innovation and Coaching, to strengthen your capacity for innovation, collaboration and problem solving during the 2-week fully virtual bootcamp (4 modules x 4 hours), from the comfort of your (home)-office.

Over one-third of skills (35%) that were considered important in yesterday’s workforce would have changed by end of this year, according to the World Economic Forum. In light of the current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic, re-skilling becomes even more critical. Skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are more in-demand than ever before. With rising needs for digital tools and processes, new technologies, new business models and new ways of working, we have to develop new skills to be able to thrive in this post-pandemic reality. Fostering an innovation mindset and related skills is key for both individuals and organizations to stay competitive.


Using real life design challenges, this program will uncover your potential to:

-       Generate innovative ideas, determine which of those ideas are impactful, and what it takes to change them into game-changing innovations.

-       Experience hands-on exercises and team collaboration designed to effectively apply what you’ve learned.

-       Be equipped with a large toolbox for innovation to accelerate change. Learn how to get from challenge to idea to execution to make innovation a reality.

-       Learn how to effectively collaborate and innovate remotely and co-create value in virtual teams.


Innovation is for everyone: Whether you are a working professional or entrepreneur, become a champion of innovation in your respective organizations and networks. Building and fostering in-demand skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity is a key differentiator for working professionals of all fields and seniority levels, especially in this post-pandemic world. If you’re a CxO, empower your teams, increase employee engagement and accelerate innovation mindsets and processes, that will help to proactively respond to potential disruptions, by sending your employees to the Winnovate Innovation Bootcamp.

Technology Requirements:

All participants need to ensure they have high speed and high-quality access to the internet. 

The innovation program will utilise the following tools: Microsoft Teams or ZOOM for team collaborations, MURAL for whiteboarding, SAP RUUM for lightweight project management and Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation. Links to the tools will be shared directly via email by the trainer prior to the engagement. 

Course Content:

Experience the virtual Winnovate Innovation Bootcamp, which leverages proven frameworks, expert coaching and powerful technology to teach you and your teams to solve complex problems remotely. Get practical experience using powerful on-line collaboration platforms. The innovation program comprises of four modules in total, each module ranges up to 4 hours, delivered over a 2-week period.  


  • Use team strengths for team formation and apply virtual tools to co-create your design challenge & shared outcomes.
  • Apply stakeholder identification, project scope and the CBOM matrix to explore the problem space and ‘unpack’ the challenge space. 
  • Learn powerful interview techniques to prepare you for real-world fieldwork

FIELDWORK (Observe, Interview, Try) (Average 2 hours per participant)

  • Interact with real users to gain valuable information that will impact and shape your design process.


  • Apply empathy tools like persona creation & journey mapping to understand, identify and define the pain points & needs of your users. 
  • Leverage the learnings and insights from the empathy phase to craft and articulate powerful point-of-view questions (HMW) to fuel the ideation phase. 


  • Generate breakthrough ideas using ideation techniques like Blue Ocean Strategy & Mashups to solve the challenge and brainstorm multiple concepts that will lead to a final solution. Craft powerful value propositions.
  • Design and build your digital storyboard to showcase AS-IS and FUTURE states. Learn other prototyping techniques.
  • Learn effective storytelling techniques to prepare powerful pitches that enable you to get feedback and validate the various solutions with real users. 

FIELDWORK (Validate) (Average 2 hours per participant)

  • Interact with real users to gain valuable information that will impact and shape your solution.


  • Build your own Business Model for your solution. Understand how the 9 sections of the canvas work together and how that can help you iterate different scenarios.
  • Prepare and pitch your solution that includes your design challenge, persona, POV, value proposition, prototype and business model.
  • Get feedback for iteration and experience team coaching to align on action steps and reinforce bootcamp learnings.

The list price for the Innovation Bootcamp is USD 1682, grab our early bird offer of USD 1480, valid only for registrations until October 15. The training is scheduled to be delivered early November 2020. Register now as seats are limited – unlike your thinking. Reach out to us for more details and our full service catalogue at saptdi.winnovate@sap.com or visit our website www.winnovate.global

Let's explore, design, prototype, validate and disrupt together!


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